An innovative and patented ingredient that supports the balance in the human microbiome.


The 2FX-complex is one of the most important active ingredients in the Pyour products. It is an innovative, patented ingredient that supports the balance in the human microbiome. It is comprised of highly refined and purified natural polysaccharides derived from the leaves of the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant.

The science behind Pyour

The foundation of a healthy body lies in your bowels. The essence of healthy bowels is a healthy bowel-flora: the million billion of bacteria that live inside us. Together with the bowel movement and the moisture content, this micro-flora forms the key to our natural energy, resistance and well-being.
The essence of healthy bowels has 3 principles;

  1. Bowel flora – the balance between the beneficial bacteria and undesired micro-organisms is the key factor of the bowel function, digestion and the uptake of essential nutrients.
  2. Bowel movement – activity of the bowels (peristalsis) is very important for a healthy digestion.
  3. Moisture balance – adequate water content of the bowels for an optimal metabolism.

The Bio-Active Gel is a formulation containing the patented 2FX-complex combined with prebiotic substances. 2FX has the unique capability to selectively block adhesion of harmful bacteria to the gastro-intestinal mucosa. It effectively neutralizes pathogens in a safe and effective way. This results in a significant reduction of (pathogenic) microbial colonization.

The formulation has been clinically tested on the influence of the 2FX-complex on harmful intestinal bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori, Escherichia coli, Salmonella panama, Campylobacter jejunii and on beneficial species of the intestinal micro-flora such as Lactobacillus acidofilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. Results have shown that the counts of pathogenic bacteria are greatly reduced while beneficial and commensal flora is not significantly affected.

Scientific evidence

These are images of stomach epithelial cells
White dots are fluorescently labeled H. pylori incubated with human stomach biopsies

Helicobacter Pylori is a bacteria that can be present in the human stomach and duodenum. It can cause inflammations that could result in stomach and duodenum uclers. These microscopic images, that were part of a human study, show that in the presence of 2FX-complex the Helicobactor pylori hardly attaches to the stomach lining anymore. This picture proves the anti-adhesion benefits that 2FX-complex offers. The 2FX-complex prevents the Helicobacter pylori bacteria from attaching to the stomach tissues, therefore preventing this bacteria from doing any harm.